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Black Tea

Classic, comforting and healthful, a traditional cup of black of tea is the perfect accompaniment for every occasion. Coffee need not be the only pick-me-up to rely on in the morning. A cup of strong black tea can do wonders for simultaneously calming the constitution and injecting a bit of pep into the day.

Keep it interesting and mix it up by experimenting with black tea preparation. Nothing wrong with a dash of milk and a little sugar, but for something a little ‘extra’ consider a spicy latte or a chilled long drink. Thinking about how to make black iced tea? Consider throwing in a medley of fruit with sprigs of herbs and a little coconut sugar.

Looking to buy black tea? Fitmeals Australia now offers a succinct selection of black tea blends in loose leaf form to cater to every taste. Delicate sips to bold brews will give character to each cup.

Or try something different and shop our Green Tea selection or our Herbal Teas & Fruit Tisanes.

Assam Organic Black Tea Loose Leaf 100g

A natural malty liquor and robust aroma are the signature qualities of this organic Assam black tea - a region known for cultivating fine tea grades. This is well-rounded brew with just a hint of earthiness and a beautifully smooth finish.


Ceylon Organic Black Tea (BOP) Loose Leaf 100g

A natural blend of organic Ceylonese black tea leaves, this grade of Orange Pekoe is offers a robust flavour thanks to the intensity of its broken leaves. A coppery brew exudes an alluring heady aroma that will titillate strong tea lovers.


Orange Pekoe Black Tea Loose Leaf 100g

A quintessential classic black tea, this Orange Pekoe is characterised by beautiful wiry full black leaves that can be brewed to suit every taste. Bright and bourbony with earthy undertones, this is a beautiful accompaniment to morning and afternoon teas.


Sticky Chai Loose Leaf 100g

A combination of sweet and spicy, cinnamon is the star of the show rounding out the sharpness of star anise and cloves, with cardamom tying it altogether. The sweetness of coconut sugar accentuates the flavours and compliments the spice.