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Green Tea

Universally renowned as an elixir of sorts, green tea has long been credited for its dietetic qualities. The health benefits of green tea are abundant and when consumed daily can quickly become evident. Several cups of green tea a day can help in increasing the metabolism, boosting the immune system, and as a mild detox can help the body naturally flush impurities.

Weight loss is all too often the excuse for getting on the green tea, and as such, there is less of a focus on the nuances of flavour. While teabags are a convenient option, they generally lack the sparkling characteristic of fresh loose leaf tea. From floral and woody notes, green tea leaves brew into exceptional tasting cuppas that positively exude health and wellness.

Green tea lends itself to a myriad of preparation ideas, particularly with the addition of fruits and herbs. Hot or cold, there is a delicious option for everyone.

Looking to buy green tea? Fitmeals Australia now offers a succinct selection of green tea origin blends. From traditional jasmine tea to organic green tea, there’s a healthy brew to appeal to everyone.

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Jasmine Green Tea Loose Leaf 100g

Curled leaves are delicately infused with the light floral notes of jasmine that creates a light and refreshing cuppa that sparkles in every sip. Fragrant yet not overpowering, the floral overtones perfectly compliment the green tea base.


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Organic Green Tea Loose Leaf 100g

Not your run-of-the-mill green tea, this organic green features rolled leaves that unfurl into a mesmerising brew. Cultivated in Sri Lanka, the leaves offer a unique flavour profile mildly floral in both bouquet and taste, which gradually evolves.


or 4 payments of $3.73 with Info