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Herbal Teas & Tisanes

Not just a caffeine-free option, herbal teas offer a variety of restorative properties. Whether it is the soothing qualities of a peppermint or ginger tea, or the uplifting zest of a cup of lemongrass tea, a herbal tisane can be both delicious and beneficial.

Sometimes, it might just be a tea alternative that needs to hit the spot. For that, a cup of rooibos tea will do the trick with a flavour profile that will satisfy tea lovers and a boost in antioxidants that will appeal to practically everyone else.  

For something a little different, a fruit-based tisane can completely elevate a standard cuppa. Dried berry blends are a definite go-to for fruit infusions particularly popular as vibrant, chilled drinks loved by adults and children alike. For the extra experimental, fruit teas can even be used to infuse jellies and other tea-based desserts.

Looking to buy herbal teas? Fitmeals Australia now offers a selection of herbal blends, rooibos, and fruit tisanes. Or if you’re after a more traditional cup of tea, shop our Black Tea and Green Tea selections.

Forest Berry Fruit Tisane Loose Leaf 100g

The aroma of berries will hit you before the first sip. A sprinkling of rosehip adds a hint of tanginess to compliment the sweetness of this vibrant fruit basket of flavour.


Lemongrass Ginger Tea Loose Leaf 60g

A classic blend of lemongrass and ginger invigorates the senses and soothes the constitution. Zesty notes reminiscent of a lemon sherbert lolly burst forth in aroma and flavour as the sophisticated spicy hints of ginger offer body and warmth in every sip.


Peppermint Tea Loose Leaf 50g

Calming yet refreshing, bright minty notes act as a great palate cleanser for after meals or an invigorating pick-me-up for those mid-afternoon slumps. Not just pleasant to sip, peppermint is also idea for soothing mild tummy issues.


Rooibos Loose Leaf 100g

Fine needles of bruised and oxidised leaves brew into a reddish hue that surprises and delights in every sip. A normally earthy palate with an almost fruity scent that punctuates each sip, this rooibos also exhibits subtle notes of wood and smoke.