Order by 10:00pm Saturday to receive your meals on Monday. Meals prepared and delivered every Monday.

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Specialty Meals

Crispy Pork (Specialty)

Feast on crispy, moreish bites of perfectly seasoned Chinese style pork belly atop a fluffy bed of perfectly steamed jasmine rice.


Lamb Ragu (Specialty)

Hearty, saucy, and meaty, this Lamb Ragu is the epitome of comfort food.


Chicken Katsu (Specialty)

A simple take on a Japanese favourite, our Chicken Katsu will have you filled with a lightly crumbed chicken fillet drizzled in a sweet and slightly tangy (BBQ-esque) Tonkatsu sauce.


Basil Pesto Chicken (Specialty)

Feast on the richly flavoured notes of fresh basil and garlic accompanied with parmesan and pecorino cheese in this pesto-based dish tossed with morsels of tender chicken, generously heaped over hand-made linguine.


Nonna's Bolognese (Specialty)

Feast on the quintessential classic, Nonna's Bolognese, combining the hearty flavours of beef, pork, and veal mince in a thick tomato-based sauce and enhanced with a blend of Italian herbs, atop hand-made linguine


Chicken Cacciatore (Specialty)

Traditionally rustic and overflowing with vibrant fresh flavours, this Chicken Cacciatore combines braised chicken, onion, carrot, celery, rosemary, and a bold splash of red wine in a delectable sauce atop al dente linguine.