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Banana & Strawberry Drink Mixer Flavoured Overnight Oats

Our new range of Bolero drink powders are not just for enhancing water. They make great sugar-free flavourings in some of your other favourite beverages and recipes.

Overnight oats is a simple and healthy base for experimenting with some of these fun flavours. Our favourite flavour to use in overnight oats is Banana & Strawberry, but mango, peach, or any of the other berry-based flavours, also work really well!

In this recipe, the Bolero powder acts as the sweetener, but feel free to also add a dash of honey or vanilla extract to create your desired palate.

Prior to making your overnight oats, we recommend preparing the yoghurt component first by thoroughly combining the Bolero powder into plain Greek (or plant-based) yoghurt. Half a teaspoon of powder added to a half cup of yoghurt will do. Note: Once flavoured, the yoghurt by itself might taste a little too sweet, but works very well once mixed into the overnight oats. If you want to try flavouring yoghurt to eat by itself, then try just a little less than a 1/4 teaspoon of Bolero powder to a half cup of yoghurt, but as always, we recommend experimenting and testing until you find the right level of flavour and sweetness.

The following is a good starting point ratio to make overnight oats, whether you’re making a single serve, or several serves:

1 part rolled oats + 1 part your favourite milk OR water + ⅛ chia seeds


  • Experiment with consistency with more or less liquid and seeds.
  • Avoid using quick oats or steel-cut oats.

Then add your pre-prepared Bolero powder flavoured yoghurt.
For an individual serve of overnight oats, this would be about as much as a couple
of generous dollops. 

At this step, you can also add a little honey or vanilla extract if desired.

Mix all ingredients thoroughly until there are no clumps. 

Cover your mixture and allow to chill in the fridge overnight.

Just before you’re ready to eat your oats in the morning, add your favourite toppings.
Of course, with our Banana & Strawberry flavoured oats, we love to add freshly sliced banana and strawberries! But any complementary toppings are perfect, including almonds, pepitas, choc chips, raisins, or other fresh and dried fruits.

Get experimenting with your favourite Bolero flavours and share your best experiments with us at